Planet Fitness Tanning Review

planet fitness tanning review

Imagine an area wherever you will work out, relax, and additionally tan your body. Just do not imagine as a result of essentially, we’ve got one place with all the three facilities that place is Planet fitness. Planet fitness is a gymnasium with various exercise equipment.

Planet Fitness doesn’t handle solely athletic facilities. However, it’s centred on the areas of well-being and beauty. Planet Fitness consists of types of equipment like tanning booths, tanning beds, hydro massage beds, total body enhancement booths, and varied spa choices. Today I will review the tanning facilities at planet fitness under this Planet Fitness Tanning Review!

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Black Card Membership

The Planet Fitness Black Card is simply for $22.99 a month. PF Black Card membership avails many awing perks. The pricing of the Black card varies with branches.

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Perks Of Getting A Black Card

  • By Black card membership, you will get access to 2000+ branches of Planet fitness worldwide.
  • Can invite your friends and family as guests anytime you opt for exertion and tanning.
  • The guest can have access to exertion space, massage chairs, hydro massage, tanning booths and tanning beds, and alternative Spa facilities.
  • They conjointly avail you, soft drinks at 0.5 value of the market price.
  • 20% off at
  • Provide you with travel perks.

You need every excellent fitness card and Black card membership to urge access to tanning booths and tanning beds, and various spa facilities. You will have access to the tanning facilities by guest pass. You can get guests to pass by consulting any black card membership holder, and you can get it from reception.

planet fitness tanning
A Woman Being Spray Tanned

Tanning Facilities At Planet Fitness

Tanning at Planet fitness is analogous to tanning at any tanning booth. Tanning facilities at PF are going to provide on 1st {the primary} return 1st serve basis. If you go first, you will get access to tanning shortly. If you go late, you have got to attend. Black cardholders will get access to tanning service at any time throughout gap hours. You need to make an appointment.

You will go whenever you would like and avail of the tanning. If it is a spray tan booth, you have got to see its avail time on booth space. If it is a tanning bed, you will access it all time before use assures that it is clean. Some branches of Planet fitness are open for 24 hours. You will get access to the tanning facilities whenever you would like, however tanning beds have time limitations because the excessive usage of tanning beds ends up in carcinoma.

Rules To Get Tanned At Planet Fitness

  • The very first planet fitness tanning rule is to use tanning bed only for 15 minutes. If you exceed the time limit, then you’re at risk of becoming the victim of skin cancer and other skin prone diseases. Due to this reason, Planet fitness applied to this rule.
  • You will not be allotted with any designated staff for a tanning bed. You have to do it yourself.
  • Before using any tanning bed at Planet Fitness, you need to make sure that tanning is clean and dry. If it’s not, then there are a cleansing resolution and towel close to the tanning bed. In some branches of Planet Fitness, there is a staff associate to clean and dry the tanning bed. You have to wait until they clean the tanning bed.

Tanning system differentiates with branches of Planet Fitness. Some divisions use Spray Tan instead of Tanning booths and Tanning beds.
Planet fitness always encourages its customers to operate the machines and use products on their own.
If you struggle with using them, there is a staff of planet fitness to help you out.

Tanning Equipments Available At Planet Fitness

There are many devices of tanning available at PF, and they differ from branch to branch.
Some of the tanning devices are listed below:

  1. Laydown tanning beds
  2. Stand-up tanning beds
  3. Spray tan booths

Laydown Planet Fitness Tanning Beds: Laydown tanning beds give you perfect tan while relaxing and laying. This traditional-style bed and people also want the same when they come to Planet fitness. Lay down tanning bed session last only for 15 minutes. People relax on laydown tanning beds that comes from pressure points and intense bed lights. Because of these pressure points available in tanning beds, it avoids direct contact of UV rays with our skin.
The drawback of pressure points in the bed is that it causes tanning creases to avoid these problems change the positions frequently.

Stand-Up Planet Fitness Tanning Beds: Planet fitness stand up tanning beds are like workout sessions, not the relaxing session. More often, people enjoy lay down tanning beds rather than stand up tanning beds because they want to relax rather than work out. The stand-up tanning beds sessions are from 10-15 minutes. The lights are more intense. It consists of reflectors that make the process easy. Many people say that tanning is more intense in stand-up tanning beds. But UV lights are exposed to the skin, and there are no pressure points. 

planet fitness
Picture Of A Spray Tan Booth

Spray Tan Booths: Spray tan booths give perfect finishing tan. Spray tan booths release DHA and skin absorb DHA and make skin look darker. Some of the spray tan booths offer airbrushing enclosure. Tanning in Spray tan booth is healthier than tanning at tanning beds but, you should be aware of not consuming Spray Tan solution. Stand in the middle of the booth and face specified directions as directed by voice command of spray tan booth. It takes relevantly 3-5 minutes to complete the process of tanning.

Benefits Of Tanning At Planet Fitness

  • Offers unlimited tanning to the holders of the black card though unlimited tanning does not mean that they can spend the limitless time on the same day in tanning sessions there are time limits that they have to follow.
  • Can go for a tanning session after work out.
  • Though the use of tanning booths and beds is trouble-free. If you struggle with something, then there is always the staff of Planet Fitness is next to you.
  • For using the tanning beds and booths, you don’t need an appointment. You can get into whenever you would like.
  • The tanning at Planet fitness is year-round because the planet fitness is open throughout the year.

Drawbacks Of Tanning At Planet Fitness

  • Though they provide you disinfected cleaning solution and paper towel to clean the tanning beds before using the risk of contamination from others is always on head. To avoid this risk, be sure to disinfect, and dry it.
  • People who are new to the tanning process fail to understand how tanning works and wants to spend more and more time to get glowing and perfect tan skin.
  • They fail to understand the indoor tanning also releases the UV rays that can cause skin cancer or tanning bed rashes.

Safety Tips To Follow At Planet Fitness

  • You may choose tanning bed or spray tanning booth main thing is to protect the skin against massive expose of UV rays.
  • Know your skin type to be aware of how much your skin can bear the UV rays and the time you should be tanning booths and bed.
  • Always carry eye protective gear before going to tanning. Eyes are sensitive don’t expose them directly to UV rays. By using UV protective glasses, you can protect your eyes.
  • Always have an eye on the time of the session, do not expose your skin blindly to tanning.
  • Though you have unlimited access to Planet fitness, if you have black card membership, tanning daily is a bad idea. You will find yourself damaging your skin.


If you have Black card membership at Planet fitness, then it is worth it.
Because they provide various tanning devices and other services like total body fitness and even you Can tan after having a workout. The Black card is applicable all around the world, and you need to take appointments for tanning.

You can tan whenever you are free, and at any time you want but aware of the safety of yourself and follow the guidance and measures provided by Planet fitness staff. Not waste your Black Card Membership solely on tanning. Use it on different varieties of instrumentation like exertion instrumentation, and different spa edges use on them that build your card deserve what you’re paying.

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Planet Fitness Tanning Review

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