PF Total Body Enhancement

pf total body enhancement

Planet Fitness was well known for its wide range of workout equipment, Tanning booths and beds, and total body enhancement booth and other spa facilities to its Black Card Membership holders.

People love this centre because this is the perfect combo of workout and relaxation centres. Besides, with tanning machines, Planet Fitness also deals with the Red-Light Therapy device known as Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine. Because of its features, it’s also known as Beauty Angel.

Beauty angel (Total Body Enhancement Booth) is a new addition to their innovative skincare devices. I know there are a lot of questions going in your mind, what is Beauty Angel? How will the red-light medical care work? what’s the good thing about exploitation red light-weight medical care and many more at the end of this article, you will get all answers in this PF Total Body Enhancement Review!

How Does Planet Fitness Total Body Sweating Work?

They are quite similar to Tanning booths but, instead of releasing UV lights, they release infra-red light. That targets your whole body. The total body enhancement works with the combination of two technologies that is Red Light therapy and Whole-Body Vibration.

Red light therapy: It is the process in which low light wavelengths are emitting through your skin. They work to increase blood flow, Gives a boost to your tissue recovery, rejuvenation, and collagen stimulation.

Whole-body vibration: As the phrase describe, the ground platform sends a vibrating effect on the whole body. It helps your muscles to contract and relax in dozens of your time per second.

The booth combines these two technologies, and if you add music to pump yourself, that will enhance your body. Would we great if you use it before a workout as a warm-up session.  

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pf total body enhance

Benefits Of Red-Light Therapy

Helps in reducing pain: Various researches proved that red light therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and oral pain.

Helps in wound healing: Many studies prove that Red Light Therapy rejuvenates the skin cells and reduces inflammation and helps the skin to heal faster. It has proven that Red Light Therapy heals skin tissues faster, especially if there are skin wounds.

Slow down ageing: A Study proves that red light therapy thickens the collagen fibres and smoothens and softens the skin that causes fewer wrinkles.Red light therapy is well known for its reverse ageing formula. Your skin may get damaged by UV rays extracted from tanning beds or the damage caused by the sun to your skin. Everything can heal by using a total body enhancement device.

Joint Health: The separate studies say that red light therapy can relieve the pain of people who are suffering from diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Achilles tendinitis.

Deals with fatigue and depression: The red-light therapy helps in improving mood, reducing anxiety, and provides you with a positive outlook. It functions the same as acupuncture, where the energy in the cells is restorative, that make peace in mind.

pf total body ee

Burns fat: As it increases the ATP production in cells, more energy we accumulate, and we can go for intense workouts. As your stamina increased, you can go for higher intensity workouts that help in burning more fat and calories.

Cause muscle growth: As energy increases and you go for intense workouts, and the muscles used during workouts, which causes muscles to become more prominent. You don’t go for cardio exercise and stick to strengthening workouts. The extra stamina still works, which helps you to finish your workout thoroughly.

Does not make you feel worn out: Even after completing high intense workouts, the energy was conserved in your body that carries a fresh look throughout the day. The extra stamina also leads to burning more fat and calories.

Side Effects Of Using Red-Light Therapy

No need to worry as the side effects after using red light therapy is minimal but side effects have a chance to occur. After having a session of red-light therapy. If something happens to your skin, then we will tell you, the reaction of your skin is normal? Or it’s a side effect? Or it’s something serious you should consider? Side effects caused by red light therapy are only to shorten the period, and they are minor.

Some of the most common side effects go through are Headache, Eyestrain, Irritability. These side effects occur due to the glare of red light. Users’ bodies cannot tolerate the intensity of light. To avoid these side effects, you can go to the session with Protective Eye gear that will protect your eyes. Infrared light burns your skin, this eventually happens due to overheating to avoid this stick to your time limit strictly.

Beauty Angel At Planet Fitness

According to the study of Low-Level Laser Light Therapy, the mitochondria present in skin cells produce more ATP. (adenosine triphosphate). ATP act as the energy source for skin cells. If you get better ATP, you will get a better cellular activity. Red-light therapy helps to deal with various skin problems like wrinkles, stretch marks. The Beauty angel performs rejuvenation for skin cells.

A company called JK Group wants to provide the benefits of red-light therapy to the people so, they decided to build a device called Beauty Angel Booth. As Planet fitness working with innovative devices for Skin Care, they made it exclusively available at Planet fitness centres. Commonly, Planet fitness provides the model of Beauty Angel RVT 30 to its customers.

This device is the combination of two technologies that is red light therapy and vibration technology. The combo of this technology helps people to relax and get a toned body. The session of red-light therapy is for 12 minutes that you can take before going for a workout or after doing the exercise. If you use it before a workout as it increases the ATP in cells that provide you with extra stamina and you can go for a rough workout.

pf total bodye

If you go to the session after a workout, then it’s also beneficial because it relieves you from joint pains and acts perfect for post muscle recovery. Beauty Angel Booth consists of a vibrating plate. Vibrating plates give our body training effect. The device lined up with various programs no matter your beginner or master, you always have the program. The vibrating plate releases vibration that gives your muscles of legs, back, and abdomen a psychological training.

The Beauty Angel, built with combined technologies that help you in burning calories, improve circulation, and prevent cellulite. The Booth also consists of the music option. You can listen to music while having the session that will relax you even more. If you are aiming for a perfectly toned body, you can get that by using this device with the proper nutrition and exercise. This device eventually helps you to lose weight and get a perfect figure.

How To Use The Beauty Angel At Planet Fitness?

It is completely ok if you don’t know how to use it, but you need to know how to use it. Because using a booth is a self-service. Don’t get impatient and nervous by getting into Planet fitness.

It’s simple to use you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take remote and click on the beginning button.
  2. Enact the vibratory foot cushion (represented by a logo at the higher left of the way off) by squeeze the white catch on the left 1/2 space (1 of four white latches). build some extent to press the catch doubly, and you may see the foot image light.
  3. At that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick your vibration force program. there are four projects to look over. Press the highest white catch (with a+ on it) to appear through your alternatives.
  4. After you have chosen your foot vibration setting, permit the LED screen to clear.
  5. Presently it’s a perfect chance to target the fan, the opposite image on the higher right of the space. Hit the white catch on the right side of the far off twice, until the fan light goes ahead.
  6. When an angle goes forward, you can utilize the top white catch (with the +) to set your fan level. Going up to around 11 will guarantee that you will remain chill, while in the Total Body Enhancement machine.
  7. Presently you are all set!

Operating the Beauty Angel at Planet Fitness is simple but, knowing the instructions prior boosts your confidence and helps you to run a machine confidently.

pf total body

Benefits Of Total Body Enhancement

  • The therapy session is small, which is only 12 minutes.
  • Help to contract the muscles of arms, legs, back (hips), and abdomen.
  • It improves the skin complexion.
  • Smoothens the skin and makes it elastic.
  • Reduce the anxiety level.
  • Increases metabolism
  • Ineffective blood circulation.
  • Tone your body.

Drawbacks Of Total Body Enhancement

  • It is solely available for the Black card membership holders.
  • The weight limit of Beauty Angel Booth is 300lbs.
  • It is a ban for pregnant ladies and the people who are going under some medications or with pacemakers.
  • If you had any recent surgery, then it’s not for you.


Is it necessary to wear protective eye gear during the session of Red-light therapy?

No, It is not necessary to wear protective eye gear during total body enhancement sessions because it does not release UV rays.
But you can wear it if you have any side effects like Headache, Eyestrain, and irritability or to avoid these side effects.

Should I still use the entire body improvement machine even when obtaining my desired toned body?

Yes! It will be more efficient to use the machine so as to maintain the physique. You reached the level of the perfect toned body after a proper workout, nutrition, and Beauty Angel device. Although, it is recommended to use total body enhancement machines once or twice in the week so as to maintain your perfectly toned body.

Should I go for a complete body sweetening session before or when working out?

If you go before the workout, then it’s like a warm-up session for you. Red-light therapy increases ATP in skin cells. That will provide you with extra energy, and let you go for high-intensity workouts rather than a simple exercise.
You can complete the whole workout session without getting tired, and the energy remains to go through all day with enthusiasm.

If you go after a workout to the total body enhancement session, then you can get rid of all the pains that occurred due to exercise. The vibration contracts the muscles and relives them from torment. You will be relaxed, and your pain will vanish in the air.
Although its recommended, to go to the total body enhancement session before a workout. As that will increase your stamina and you can go for the rough workout as a high-intensity workout can burn your calories and fat furiously.


Red light therapy device at Planet Fitness known as Beauty Angel. It is the first introduced total body enhancement device in the world of light therapy. As you know, the beautify industry works with innovative machines, there was something new every year for enhancing skin and reverse ageing. If you have a Black Card Membership, then you worth it because you can use this machine that worth every penny you pay for membership.

If you don’t have Black Card Membership, then there is nothing wrong with signing up for card membership for a month and trying it. If you lose your energy fast at the gym or if you exhaust too fast at the gym, then total body enhancement device is something that you should add to your gym routine. Total Body Enhancement not only helps you to lose weight but provides you with many more benefits. If you use this machine consistently, you will get amazing results, and you will love this device for such good results.

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PF Total Body Enhancement

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