Is Shower After Tanning Good?

shower after tanning

Whether you tan in natural light or tan indoor, it is refreshing and rejuvenating. But when you think of chemicals, you applied to your skin (Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Tanning lotions, Bronzer, Etc.). You will have an urge to bath as quickly as possible. But the questions like how long you should avoid shower to keep away tan from fading away? Is Shower after tanning a good idea? How much time you have to wait before going to a shower? Naturally, you want to impact of tanning stay long.

How Long Should You Wait To Take A Shower?

You achieved your perfect tan with lots of effort, and if you rush to shower, then you will wash away all efforts you done for getting the perfect tan.
Then, you will look worse with your fake tan, and you don’t want all this disaster to occur with you. To avoid it you need to go to the shower at the right time.

So, what’s the right to shower after tanning is solely depends on your circumstances. The time you have to wait is dependent on the method your following for getting a perfect tan:

  • Sunbathing.
  • Tanning Bed.
  • Self-Tanning lotion
  • Using a Bronzer or not.

Things You Should Know About Shower time After Tanning

If your goal is to achieve tan faster, then sun exposer is the best option to use. But after getting that brown look from the Sun, You will wonder, should you go for a shower immediately after coming from the bath, or should I wait before going to Sprinkling? It depends on the chemicals you used for tanning like bronzers, tanning lotions, moisturizers, and accelerators.

shower after tan

If you have not gone for any tanning chemicals, then you can go for a shower immediately after your tanning session without any negative impact. But if you have gone with tanning chemicals like bronzers and accelerators, then you have to wait for 2-3hours before going to shower. In this 2-3 hours, the bronzers and accelerators will settle in your total and give you that sun-kissed glow.

Shower Time After Tanning From Tanning Bed

The fact that shower time depends on the chemicals used for tanning is applicable here too. It depends on what lotions and bronzers you are using while having tanning. If you are not going with any tanning lotions and bronzers, then you can go for a shower after 20 to 50 minutes.
If you are going with some lotions and bronzers, then you should go for a shower after 2-3 hours.

While we have tanning by laying on a tanning bed, We use various products like bronzers, tanning lotions, and moisturizers. The chemicals present in these products and the sweat which extracts from our body may clog the pores and can cause acne and harm the skin. So it’s better if we allow these products to settle in the skin and complete their process.

Your skin will become dry and rough while tanning through laying on tanning bed so, never forget to apply moisture the body to get a smooth look. After the products complete their process that eventually takes 2-3hours, you can go for a shower, and the bathing will help your skin.

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Shower Time After Tanning From Artificial Sources

Why people apply accelerators tanning lotions while tanning?
Because these tanning lotions will increase the impact of tanning sessions, tanning lotions need some time to settle in your skin and complete their process. Some tanning lotions include bronzers in it while others not.
The time depends on which bronzer or tanning lotion you are choosing.

shower after

Mostly the details about shower time are present on the labels of bronzer and tanning lotions. If the label has instructions, then you can follow it. If there are no details of shower time on the package of bronzer and tanning lotions, you have to wait for 2-3 hours. It is the least time which bronzer and tanning lotions take to complete the process? Regardless of sunbathing or indoor tanning, 2 or 3 hours are essential for tanning accelerators before the shower.

Time To Shower After Self-Tanner And Sunless Tanning

Self-tanners work differently when compared to tanning beds. Self-tanners are designed to settle on your skin at least for a few hours. It is not like tanning lotions who need UV rays to get activated. DHA works on the skin by altering the pigment present in the skin cells. DHA needs both time and the presence of oxygen to produce the bronze colour. If you rush for a shower after having a fake tan, then you will end up with an unattractive tan that you want to avoid.

DHA oxidizes in the skin and provides us with a deep golden glow on our skin. The self-tanners usually take 4 hours to settle in the skin and give you that sun-kissed glow. You will not ruin this by going to shower early. Again, the shower time is on the label of the self-tanners. As the time to go shower depends on which self Tanner you are using. Some self-tanners take 8 hours to complete the process, while some only take 4 hours. Usually, after 4 hours, the DHA will be done with its job of giving bronze colour to the skin.

How To Shower After A Spray Tan?

These tips will help you to maintain your bronze tan look for Maximum time: 

Do not go with water which is too hot: Your skin already dried during the tanning session whether, you tan through sunbathing, spray tan, or tanning bed. The skin usually loses moisture. So, maintaining the balance goes with mild water. Not cold, not hot. 

Complete the shower as soon as possible: If you come under the people who love the long luxurious shower and want to relax in a bathing tub. Then, forget this after having tan session because there are chemicals on the body which will wash off if you stay long in the shower. Quickly take a mild cleaning and get out of the shower. 


No harsh soaps or cleansers should be used: Avoid soaps or cleansers that give you deep cleaning. Use soaps and purifier that rinse off after tanning. Not the soap or purifier that washes away your bronze colour. 

Never go for exfoliating: If you are going for exfoliating your skin before a day of tanning, then that it is an exfoliating. But doing after tanning is a nightmare because the exfoliating will remove the colour and gives you streaking and unfinished tan look. 

Pat yourself dry: Don’t aggressively dry your skin with a towel after getting from the shower.  Shut the shower and stand on the floor for a minute to make droplets fall off from your skin then, take a towel and gently pat on your skin to make it dry. 

Moisturize: After drying, take a high-quality moisturizer and moisturize your skin this will help your skin to lock the colour and maintain your pores. 

Brown Water Extracting While Having A Shower

If you are using bronzer on your skin while having tanning, then when you go for a shower or take a dip in a bathtub, you will notice brown water-extracting from your skin. It is normal when you apply for a shower. But do not believe in the myth that this brown water makes your skin even darker.
It is good that this brown water washes away from your skin because bronzer contains some chemicals that can clog the pores of your skin.
Through this brown water, all the chemicals will wash away from your skin.

What Is Brown Water?

The brown water that extracts from your skin is not a tanning agent. But, it is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). Whereas the DHA is white but, it becomes brown because of other dyes and oils. DHA is the chemical that contracts with the skin to produce a bronze colour. Though, this process takes 2-3 hours. But the result of this will be seen in 24 hours. Don’t worry about the myth with DHA your bronze colour also wash away. Because DHA has done its work of darkening the skin. Showering after 2-3 hours will not wash off any bronze colour.

Why Should You Ideally Wait For A Shower After Tanning?

The tanning process takes 24-48 hours!! After the tanning session. It varies with skin tone. Often shower can cool your skin. But if you shower directly after tanning, that can harm your skin. So wait to cool your skin naturally that will maximize the time.


If you are going with any tanning lotions and bronzers, then before the shower. Provide them at least 2-3hours to them to finish their process and settle on your skin. After this time frame, the chemicals will not have any things to carry. You can shower and gently remove them.

Though, you should wait 20 minutes after sunbathing or UV tanning.
It will cool your skin after having a tanning session. But the benefits are mild. As the natural melanin production in the skin will not be impacted with showering. Have Patience, As patience is the key to get the perfect tan!

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Is Shower After Tanning Good?

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