5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion [Pros and Cons]

Best indoor tanning lotion

Come, let’s get tanned in a beautiful summer with the best tanning lotions.

The summer sun shines brighter on a skin tone that looks like honey. People get bored of their pale skin tones and wish to become tanned during the summer season. Tanned skin is not preferred by only women, in fact, many men are interested in getting it. Today we are here to check out the best indoor tanning lotion for good tanning skin.

However, you all must be aware about the fact that sun rays include UV rays, which are harmful for your skin. Therefore, people prefer using indoor tanning lotion that brings better and safer results than getting tanned under the sun. Before going further check out our similar article on best outdoor tanning lotion.

Best (Product) 2020

COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan & Body Oil - Organic Tanning Bed Lotion COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan & Body Oil - Organic Tanning Bed Lotion
  • Made up of natural oils
  • Makes your skin soft and smooth
  • Amazing fragrance
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That’s What Sea Said Tattoo Friendly Tanning Lotion That’s What Sea Said Tattoo Friendly Tanning Lotion
  • Doesn’t contain bronzer
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to your tattoos
  • Good fragrance
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Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion
  • Smooth texture
  • It is not patchy
  • Dries fast
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Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion
  • It is not streaky
  • Doesn’t contain extra tint
  • It has a natural and soothing fragrance
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Supre Indoor Tanning Bronzer Lotion Packets Supre Indoor Tanning Bronzer Lotion Packets
  • You can carry them anywhere
  • Do not take much time to absorb into the skin
  • Low priced alternative
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You should also consider using these lotions because they are easily and widely available. These lotions are the best alternatives for getting that gorgeous skin texture that looks hot during summer. They are also considered cheaper alternatives than spending a massive amount of money in spas to get tanned. 

Therefore, if you have planned to get tanned this summer without sun exposure, then we have planned a sorted list of indoor lotions which brings you closer to making a rational purchase. Let’s check out these best indoor tanning skin in this article.


It is indeed on of the best indoor tanning lotion if you are conscious about your sensitive skin and don’t want to add chemical-containing products in your tanning routine, then this product is the finest choice for your requirements. It is almost 98% made up of natural ingredients which do not cause any harm to your skin. In other words, it is suitable for any skin type, which reduces the chances of any skin reactions. Our skin can easily absorb oils, and this product has natural oils which help with nourishment and gives a smooth finish to the skin. 

Final Verdict

It has that great seductive fragrance of chocolate that will make you feel amazing, and it also contains antioxidants which protect your skin from damage.


Who likes stains on clothes caused by tanning lotions? No one! If you are planning to buy a tanning lotion which doesn’t contain bronzer (it is the main cause of getting stains on clothes), then this product is worth spending money on.

You just need to plan your day on the beach and just leave everything on this lotion which gives you a golden dark tan look without affecting your tattoos. It has Tyrosine which helps in enhancing the production of Melanin in your skin. Its natural nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil and passion fruit extracts lock the moisturizer and make your skin more supple without giving it a greasy texture.

Final Verdict

The presence of Hibiscus promotes the growth of anti-aging cells which tighten your skin.


This lotion provides evenly tanned skin which doesn’t look streaky and patchy. You just need to apply it properly 2-4 hours before stepping out for better results. The product is made with an amazing formula which helps in absorbing the lotion into the skin within 5 minutes. This also helps in not leaving stains on the clothes. It is lightweight and has a smooth texture which makes your skin look healthy and nourished. 

Final Verdict

It doesn’t contain paraben, which diminishes the risk of absorbing more UV rays by the skin. The product is made by a trusted and reputed brand which enhances its reliability.

If you are looking for the best indoor tanning lotion with natural looking bronzer, then you should proceed to buy this product. It contains the combination of bronzer and accelerator which helps in maintaining the base tan and further helps in building the final long-lasting tanned skin tone. It doesn’t make your skin texture look like orange in colour but rather gives it a caramel glow. It has vitamin A and vitamin E which are very beneficial for your skin. 

Final Verdict

Both vitamins help in maintaining the skin’s hydration and nourishment and also protect your skin. Thus, your skin looks healthy and not patchy and rough.

It is one of the best deals of packet lotions for pocket-friendly people. These packet lotions are easy to carry and available in different varieties. The whole package consists of 10 packets of lotions which further include the different intensifiers, maximizers, natural bronzers and bronzers. All the lotions contain bronzer with DHA which ensures the stain-proof experience. Imagine using different lotions every time with different fragrances, it would definitely bring amazing experiences to your way of using tanning lotion. The lotions absorb quickly into the skin and leave a smooth and nourished texture.

Final Verdict

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Conclusion: Top (Product)

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Tanning lotions are a great alternative to get  tanned without sun exposure, but they don’t work in everyone’s case. So, remember to do the patch test first. Invest in some good tanning lotions and don’t forget to do your research.

Remember, by using them, you can save your hard-earned money that you must have been paying for expensive spas. You can apply sunscreen before applying the tanning lotion if you are conscious about skin damage. Always look for lotions which do not leave any stains on clothes and also are not streaky on your skin.

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