11 Best Blue Black Hair Dyes!

best blue black hair dyes

Hair is the most beautiful feature of women, and the trend of hair dye is never going to diminish. Blue-black hair dye is in demand for an enduring period. Hair attracts the attention of people because people love to experiment, and hair dyes also change your overall look!.  

These days going blonde has become a trend although hair dye has its place. People love dark hair colours, and blue-black hair dye is one of them Because blue-black hair gives you a classy and beautiful look. People love dark hair colours, and blue-black hair dye is one of them Because blue-black hair gives you a classy and beautiful look. 

Blue-black hair does not give you a  dull look, and also it doesn’t give you a one-dimensional look, and the best thing about this  Blue black hair dye is it is affordable, and you can do the blue-black hair dye by yourself. 

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème
  • Value For Money
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy To Use
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Loreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Colour Loreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Colour
  • Full Coverage
  • Favourable Price
  • Natural Look
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Goldwell Topchic Hair Colour Goldwell Topchic Hair Colour
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Price
  • Amazing Scent
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Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Color Revlon Colour Silk Beautiful Color
  • Desired Scent
  • Value For Money
  • Good Quality
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Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Colour
  • No Ammonia
  • Vibrant Colour
  • Easy To Apply
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Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color
  • Value For Money
  • Easy To Apply
  • Desired Thickness
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John Frieda Precision Foam Colour John Frieda Precision Foam Colour
  • Favourable Price
  • Easy To Apply
  • Provides High Coverage
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Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Clairol Natural Instincts Crema
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Favourable Price
  • Easy To Apply
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Vidal Sassoon London Luxe Colour Kit Vidal Sassoon London Luxe Colour Kit
  • Intense Colour Shades
  • Desired Thickness
  • Value For Money
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Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color
  • Natural Finish
  • Available In 13 Shades
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Refectocil  Cream Hair Dye Refectocil Cream Hair Dye
  • Excellent Packging
  • Easy To Apply
  • Value For Money
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In the market, there are a lot of companies that provide us with various variations of blue-black hair dye, which is why choosing the best blue-black hair dye for your hair has become a tough job. For your help, we have created a list of Best 11 blue hair dye lists that can help you to choose your best!! You Can Choose any one of the following:


It is a favourite brand of the many individuals’ thanks to its high-quality dyestuff. It provides you with a bright shine to your hair. This dyestuff consists of a mix of 3 oils – avocado, olive, and shea. It is a permanent dyestuff. The no drip, creamy formula of this hair dye that makes it easy to apply. Many reviewers claimed that it is easy to put in. 

The tri oil mixture nourishes the scalp, and if you mix grape seed to this creamy formula. It will make your hair healthy.
People love this product due to its price. People find it affordable and easy to apply. We can easily apply to our hair by seeing YouTube videos. There is a lot of stuff on how to put in Garnier blue-black hair dye at home.

Garnier intense blue-black dye kit contains:

  • Crème developer
  • Color crème
  • Mixture of tri oils: avocado, olive, and shea
  • Conditioner 
  •  Gloves. 

Why choose it? 

It is the best blue-black hair dye for your hair if you are looking for permanent hair colour, and it also Nourishes your hair and gives it a Shining look. 


If you’re searching for wealthy and spirited colour hair for your hair while not inflicting any harm to your hair, then Loreal Paris is the best to go. This hair dye is to give you Luminous results and great coverage without fading colour for eight weeks.
It is so affordable even though it is a brand. You will love this brand because it provides you with a multidimensional look. 

This kit also includes a supreme conditioner. This hair dye comes in the gel that makes it easy to put in. You can apply it by yourself without going to the saloon. This hair dye contains vitamin E, Camelina oil, and other antioxidants and UV filters that make your hair smooth, frizz-free, and shiny and also keep them healthy.


The Goldwell brand commenced in the year 1948, and the area unit of Goldwell brand functioning on the wide selection of hair care merchandise. The Goldwell -2A blue-black hair colouring falls in their most well-liked and high commercialism product. It is a permanent hair colour that consists of hydrolyzed wheat macromolecule and Patonel to shield and strengthen your hair added to the present they conjointly offer shine to the hair. 

It generated by using their patent colouring technology. They work to allow coverage from roots to ends. It is the most effective blue-black hair colouring for people’s hair that does not hold black hair colouring well. This hair colouring moistens our hair likewise increase volume conjointly provide shine to our hair.

Revlon is one of the best blue-black hair dye because it is ammonia-free and delivers complete grey hair coverage.
They exclusively use 3D colour gel Technology to produce this efficient blue-black colour. This blue-black hair dye appears to be multidimensional and gives us a natural look. This brand gives assurance to keep your hair shiny and healthy. 

The colour of this brand looks so vibrant because here is the inclusion of UV defence. This hair dye doesn’t produce any unpleasant aroma. After colour, the conditioner provided by them nourishes hair with proteins and penetrate every tress that makes your hair silky and shiny than before you coloured.

This brand provides you with natural-looking colour whereas giving your hair a resilient shine, leaves you with a higher condition than before colouring. The perfect mix of natural ingredients during this product provides the USA with wealthy colour, enhancing shine, and provides soft and glossy hair.

This product is ammonia-free, neither peroxide nor alcohol are mixed. It gives a vibrant burst of luxurious colour to every strand to your hair from root to end. It also smells good. If your carving for best blue-black hair dye, then you can go for this trial.

It’s perfect for the people who want to go with their natural colour. You will get your hair colour with more shine and glossy look. This hair dye doesn’t stain your scalp and gives us complete grey coverage without causing any damage to our hairs. This product neither contains aluminium nor Parabens. It also gives frizz-free hair.

The application of this hair dye is not complicated .it is easy to apply this to your hair. Before applying, it is better to test it on a small area because this blue-black hair dye is henna-based. It is a powder-based blue-black hair dye you need to add some water and stir it well, and it’s ready to apply.

This brand provides us with dark blue-black colours. The lavish foam penetrates stands for deep colour saturation that locks in vibrant colour. This blue-black hair dye provides you with fade-resistant colour and salon-quality results. Hair dye comes in a non-drip formula that spreads quickly and easily into roots and provides you with 100% grey coverage by reaching hard to reach places too. 

The conditioner provide with kit make colour to last long and give richness. It’s a permanent colour. Before applying this blue-black hair dye, prepare yourself properly by rubbing your hairline, forehead, and neck with Vaseline and baby oil.
It’s an excellent blue-black hair dye, but we don’t want it on our beautiful skin.

The Clairol instincts are non-permanent blue-black hair dye. The Keratin A gives you hair looking healthier than it did before you coloured. This product helps protect strands from surface damage as it develops only in 20 minutes. The Non-drip, ammonia-free formula blends away greys and boosts even the darkest hair. 

After colouring, they provide you with a hydrating conditioner with coconut oil that smoothes away coarseness and frizz from hair and gives us silky, shiny hair. This colour lasts 28 shampoos. It’s a cream-based hair dye, which makes it easy to apply. This colour can become your go-to for over a decade because it leaves the hair beautiful and stunning.

This brand is a collection of fashion-forward, ultra-vibrant shades that are crafted with salon expertise for up to eight weeks of salon finish vibrant colour. To generate blue-black hair dye, it uses Vidal Sassoon Hydra Block Technology, which doesn’t allow the colour to fade away. For best results, try Vidal Sassoon colour Finity Shampoo with antioxidants; Conditioner with colour stabilizers and 2- minute Shade precision treatment to keep your intense colour for more than 40 washes with optimal fade prevention. 

How to get better results? 

Keep your colour as vibrant as the day you coloured it with the complete Vidal Sassoon lineup.
Step 1- Colour: colour your hair with London luxe fashionably bold, vibrant colour that uses Hydra block technology to keep your colour virtually water-resistant.
Step 2- Cleanse & Condition: use colour Finity shampoo and conditioner to keep your intense colour for 40 washes without fading.
Step 3 – Treat: Finish with 2-minute shade Precision Treatment. Deep conditioning that prevents your hair from colour from shifting.

They are documented for their 50% colour retention ability and up to 25% higher reflex tone. It is the best blue-black hair dye because it acts porous up on your hair. The kit includes:

  • Color crème
  • Color
  • Care developer

The combination of these three gives you vibrant and long-lasting effects of colour on your hair. They assure 100% grey coverage. This hair dye also moisturizes your hair and gives your hair a shiny look. It also protects your hair from UV rays and other pollutants. This product consists of crystalline lifting shades that give maximum contrast to hairs.

The other Best Blue-black hair Dye is Refectory Cil. it is a crème hair colour. The best thing about this brand its blue shine.
If you want, you can get another reflection by mixing your desire colour. This brand gives you a smudge-free and waterproof colour to your hair. If you use this brand, you need not worry about stains. But the drawback of this brand is you need someone professional to apply this colour. 

How to use to Induce Greater Results? 

  1. Mix the dye with Refectocil oxidant that you need to buy apart from the package.
  2. Use the applicator to apply the paste formed by adding Refectocil to the dye.
  3. Before choosing your best blue-black hair dye, you need to consider these things

Important Considerations Before Buying Hair Dyes

Now you have a list of best blue-black hair dyes, but don’t know which is best for you then, just consider the following things and choose your best!!

Skin Tone

The hair colour comes out best if it suits your skin tone and eye colour. First find out your skin tone falls under a warm or cold spectrum. To determine the skin is a warm or cold look at the veins of your wrist. If it is green, you fall under the warming spectrum. If bluish, you fall under the cooling. 

For warmer skins, choose warm colours, and for cold skin, choose cool colours. Another thing you can do to determine the shade perfect for your skin is by wearing silver and gold jewellery and see what suits you better than suit your hair colour according to similar shades of jewellery that looks good on you.

Go With Your Natural/Current Colour

Professionals recommend that hair colour must go two shades lighter or darker from your natural hair. It offers you a natural look. Blue-black hair colour suits people who have brown, black, or blonde hair naturally.
Blue-black hair colour suits people who have brown, black, or blonde hair naturally.


By reading the above two things, you will get a better idea that blue-black is an ideal colour for you or not. But if you are still confused or doing the hair dye for the first time then, go with two shades of lighter hair dye from your natural hair colour because the light can easily be covered by dark colour if you dislike it but going light from the dark is a difficult task. 

Always Test on a Small Section

Before going to full coverage first, try it out on a small section you can go to your hair strands that are near your ear because if you dislike it, you can hide it easily. 

Consider Your Hair Texture

If you have coarse hair then always go for dark colours. If you go for lighter colours with coarse hair, they will dry out as more light reflects through light-coloured. If you have coarse hair, then blue-black is an ideal colour for you. 

Face Shape

Face shape is not only considered for a hair cut but also for hair colour. If you have a narrow face, go with a lighter colour at the sides of the face and dark on top. If you have a broad face, just go vice versa. 

Types Of Blue Black Hair Dyes

Choose your type of Blue-black hair dye on the terms of how much hair damage your hair can tolerate and the time you want to go with the same hair colour. 
The blue-black hair dye classified into two types:
Permanent Hair Dyes
This hair colour remains on your hair for an indefinite time, by replacing your natural colour. The only drawback is the new hair you should colour it occurs to avoid this drawback, go with hair dye that deals with the roots of your hair. 

Non Permanent Hair Dyes

Non Permanent Hair Dyes can be further classified as

Semi-Permanent Hair DyesThe colour of this type of Hair Dye can last up to 4 to 10 weeks. Washing your hair frequently can fade this colour. 

Demi-Permanent Hair DyesUsually, this type of Hair dyestuff lasts longer than semi-Permanent Hair dyestuff. This type of hair dye is best for the people who want to enhance the natural hair colour and people who want to get 100% grey coverage.


These are some of the questions which are asked by curious Customers.

Is it necessary to wash your hair before dying it?

No, because it removes your natural oil from the scalp, and it can lead to damage if you wash your hair just before dying your hair. You shouldn’t wash your hair for 24 hours before hair dye. 


What is the period of hair dye?

It depends upon the type of hair dye you choose to go with if it is a permanent hair dye, it’s for an indefinite time. If you select semi-permanent hair dye that can go for 4-10 weeks. If you choose  Demi-Permanent hair dye, it can go for 8-12 weeks on your hair.

Can Wet Hair By Dyed?

Yes, professionals believe that if you dye your wet hair, the colour is easily applicable, and you can dye your hair in a little colour, and this doesn’t cause much damage to your hair. 



Blue-black hair colour gives you an attractive look, and people will adore it. The blue-black colour is never off-trend. Choosing your best blue-black hair dye is necessary. Consider all the tips before applying it and also read instructions given on the box. 

You came across 11 best blue-black hair dyes in this article. You have to choose your best by using the tips mentioned above. You can create magic through your dark blue-black hair. 

Thanks for Reading :)

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11 Best Blue Black Hair Dyes!

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